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      2017-11-30 16:48:00 来源: 网络综合



      * How can computer technology be integrated in an elevator system for a hundred story office building?

      How do you optimize for availability? How would variation of traffic over a typical work week or floor or time of day affect this?

      * How would you redesign an ATM?

      * Suppose we wanted to run a microwave oven from the computer. What kind of software would you write to do this?

      * How would you design a coffee-machine for an automobile.


      * How are M&Ms made?

      * If you had to learn a new computer language, how would you go about doing it?

      * If MS told you we were willing to invest $5 million in a start up of your choice, what business would you start? Why?

      * If you could gather all of the computer manufacturers in the world together into one room and then tell them one thing that they would be compelled to do, what would it be?

      * Explain a scenario for testing a salt shaker.

      * If you are going to receive an award in 5 years, what is it for and who is the audience?

      * How would you explain how to use Microsoft Excel to your grandma?

      * Why is it that when you turn on the hot water in any hotel, for example, the hot water comes pouring out almost instantaneously?